Chevy Chase DC Luxury Real Estate

Posted by Nate Ward on Friday, June 29th, 2018 at 9:43am.

chevy chase luxury real estate for sale

Luxury real estate abounds in Chevy Chase DC. The neighborhood is among the most expensive places to live in the District of Columbia, offering the provisions of a big city, and the comfort and solace of a sleepy suburb. That said, there’s something automatically luxurious about living in Chevy Chase, no matter what kind of property you’re in.

Luxury real estate is available in Chevy Chase largely because of the available space. This streetcar suburb’s developers platted the community into uncharacteristically large parcels (by DC standards)--perfect for families, hard-working professionals who value a bit of leisure, and those whose working days are behind them.

Well-to-do neighbors take great pride in their community and through regular upkeep and updates, they keep property values nice and high. Of the detached houses currently on the market in Chevy Chase, the majority are listed north of $1 million.

For those who desire the serenity and safety offered by Chevy Chase luxury real estate, but don’t need as much space, there are definitely some solid condo options. A number of garden and high-rise luxury condo buildings can be found along Connecticut Ave NW including The Jocelyn, The Garfield, and The Louie. There are also some beautiful conversions of attached and semi-detached properties such as The Christopher Mews and Chevy Chase Lofts.

After a quick look around you’ll see why many are happy to leave downtown DC for a slice of Chevy Chase. To the west, residents make great use of the commercial corridor of Connecticut Ave NW which hosts plenty of shops and restaurants, The Avalon movie theater, and a number of other amenities. To the east--as if residents’ backyards weren’t sizeable enough--lies Rock Creek Park. Finally, the neighborhood sits about 250 feet higher than downtown DC, keeping things just that little bit cooler.


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