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Georgetown mansions house many of DC’s wealthiest residents and the neighborhood real estate boasts price tags to match. And what do you get for all that cash? Lots of space coupled with urban convenience. Georgetown mansions are among the most expensive homes in the DC Metro Area for a reason.

Georgetown mansions have the unique appeal of being delicately balanced on the line between urban walkability and suburban size. Whether relaxing in the bountiful gardens or striking deals inside the historic interior, Georgetown mansion dwellers enjoy the potential for solitude that so many crave with all the conveniences of city dwelling right outside their door. One advantage of these properties is the ease and speed with which owners and their families…

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petworth dc real estate

Petworth real estate has become increasingly popular in the last decade. With new businesses taking root on the commercial corridors of Georgia Ave NW, Kennedy St NW and Upshur Street NW, proximity to the offerings of Columbia Heights, and easy access to public transit; it is no wonder that Petworth feels increasingly livable.

Thanks to the efforts of investors and new residents alike, the Petworth real estate market consists primarily of beautifully renovated and restored rowhouses. When you consider the space you can get for the same price as a small condo downtown, it’s no wonder that Petworth is especially popular among young families. Though prices have risen, the neighborhood will only continue to improve, so now is an excellent time to buy.…

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condos in chevy chase

The common trade-off between living in a condo and living in a detached house or other single-family home is that of space for convenience. The condos in DC’s Chevy Chase neighborhood are no exception and they include 5112 Connecticut, 5309 Connecticut, Chase Plaza Condos, The Jocelyn, The Garfield, The Louie, and Christopher Mews.

All Chevy Chase condos can be found--as you may be able to guess by now--along Connecticut Ave NW. This thoroughfare is the social and commercial hub of Chevy Chase. Residents of these multi-family buildings enjoy not only the convenience and proximity of the retail and dining options that abound on Connecticut Ave NW, such as Safeway and Magruder’s Supermarkets, Bread & Chocolate, American City Diner, The Avalon…

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