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Here is the weekly list of the properties that I think are worth buying in Washington DC. 

1817 L St NE, Washington, DC 20002

List Price: $169,900

This is a foreclosure sale in the Trinidad area.  The property is close to H Street and Capitol Hill.  I think it is a good buy and hold property.  The investor activity has been really picking up in this area.  The property is also in decent good shape and has a big yard. 

4941 Blaine St NE, Washington, DC 20019

List Price: $100,000

Great short sale opportunity in the Deanwood area of NE DC.  Only 6 blocks away from the metro station.  Easy to take East Capitol St into DC.  This is a short sale.  Good flip. 

3008 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

List Price: $300,000

Offer Price: $225,000

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This is the most affordable detached home in Northwest DC and its only 4 blocks from the Takoma Park Metro.  It is 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms on 3 levels.  Makes sense to me! 

List Price is $353,100

4103 21ST ST NE, WASHINGTON, DC 20018

This is a single family detached home.  Short sale in the Michigan Park area of Northeast Washington DC.  Listing says that it is an approved short sale.  Shows well.  Very nice hardwoods.  Updated kitchen.  One downfall is that it does not have central AC.  See pictures. 

List Price is $310,000


Great price for the location.  Condo building in Adams Morgan is only 8 years old.  1 Block away from all the stores on…

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Here are the properties that I think are worth looking into:

713 Hamilton St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Cheapest available row home in a decent location in Petworth.  Lots of folks looking for renovated homes under $450K. 

Current Price: $275,000

Offer Price: $250,000

Resale Price: $425,000

917 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20001

Tough to find a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom single family home under $400K this close to the metro.  This one in Columbia Heights is a good buy. 

Current Price: $390,000

Offer Price: $380,000

1420 Crittenden St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Needs full renovation.  Overpriced.  Need to come in lower.  Big row homes in this area of 16th Street Heights. 

Current Price: $550,000

Offer Price: $500,000

Resale Price:…

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The weather has improved dramatically these past two weeks and leaves are popping out everywhere!  A number of local dogs and their owners could be found enjoying the Columbia Heights Dog Park yesterday afternoon. Temperatures in the 70s into the foreseeable future have enticed people to take their furry friends out to play!  The dog park was packed (no pun intended) for the entire afternoon.  

There are formal and informal dog parks scattered across the city.  Some of the larger parks are the Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW, The Dupont Circle Dog Park at 17th and S NW, Lincoln (dog) Park just East of the Capitol, and the Upshur Dog Park on the at the intersection of Arkansan and Webster Street NE, and the Bloomingdale Dog Park at Crispus Attucks…

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This month's issue was all about cars.  I don't have a need for a car right now so it was not particularly interesting but below are some things that caught my eye.

1. Its too early to buy an electric car.  They take a long time to charge and you don't get many miles out of it.  The Volt takes 6 hours to charge and you get 35 miles from that charge. 

2. Subaru is now #1 in Consumer Reports ranking of the best auto makers.  Honda has been #1 for the last 4 years.  The top 5 in order are Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

3. The Toyota Prius is the most practical and affordable car available if you are looking for a fuel efficient car. 

4. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Jeep Liberty had the worst scores on the CR road test.  I guess you…

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Washington DC Real Estate Market-Friday Hot Property Update

Here are the deals that I think are the best on the market right now.  Take a look.  If you want to see any of them please contact me.  Thanks for looking!  Ben

430 Buchanan St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Sales Price: $350,000

Renovated homes like this are selling for over $400K.  It is hard to find anything in Petworth under $400K right now.  Good buy. 


89 Underwood St NW, Washington, DC 20012

Price: $204,900

Foreclosed Bank of America home.  This is in Takoma Park.  Needs AC and some other work but this is a great price.  About 8 blocks from Takoma Park Metro(Red Line)


2901 16th St NW #103, Washington, DC 20009

Price: $249,000

This is an FDIC owned home.  Very…

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Every Friday I will blog about the best deals that I think are available on the market.  Buyers need to understand that inventory is very low right now.  To get a good deal you must be patient and be willing to make a lot of offers with the hopes that one will stick.  A lot of the homes on the market right now are overpriced.  You need to be prepared to make a lot of lower then asking price offers and hope that the seller comes to his or her senses. 

Here are the hot properties that I think are worth looking into:


Huge house.  Been on the market for 217 days.  Started at $680K.  Homes on this street in 16th Street Heights have huge lots.  

Current Price: $485,000

Offer Price: $425,000

Resale Price:…

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