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Renovated Petworth Listings


As you can probably guess from looking at its construction, the word “renovate” means, at the most basic level, “to make new again” and that is exactly what is happening throughout DC’s Petworth neighborhood. Without going into cringe-worthy metaphors like how the new Safeway on Georgia Ave NW and various new eateries are Petworth’s state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite worktops. It must be expressed that the gorgeous and thoughtful renovation being done inside Petworth’s rowhomes and condo conversions is a perfect parallel to the renovation of the entire neighborhood.

Especially impressive is the manner in which investors are making Petworth new again. They are not simply tearing down and building structures that are ready for the future. It seems they have gotten into the minds of those who first developed the neighborhood a hundred years ago. Only making up for a recent stretch of decline, sellers of renovated Petworth listings are bringing the neighborhood to where it would have been had the neighborhood always prospered. The improvements are never gaudy or outlandish, but tasteful and traditional to be sure.

As you may be well aware, the brick rowhome is the protagonist of the Petworth real estate story and investments in these structures are really paying off. Not only economical and equalizing, rowhomes are great for neighborhood preservation as they are typically more difficult to tear down and replace. While some desire more space in a home, remember that Petworth is well within the District line. The space provided by renovated Petworth rowhomes is generous for those wishing to be part of a true urban community--often with a backyard, a basement for living or renting, and two parking spaces to boot. Even so, investors and occupants have become creative in their use of space, knocking down walls, and adding balconies and roof decks.

Whether you’re in the market for a stunning rowhome like the one at 906 Crittenden St NW or 925 Decatur St SW, you can rest assured that grabbing a piece of renovated Petworth real estate is a wise move. The money and effort that have been going into residential and community improvements signal prosperity for a long time to come!

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