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Whole Foods in Logan Circle

Whole Foods in Logan Circle is the largest Whole Foods Market in the DC Metro area at 40,000 square feet.  This Whole Foods on P Street, NW combines the friendliness of a corner grocery store with the freshness of an organic farmers market, plus a custom cuts butcher, a gourmet specialty shop, a European bakery, a fresh fish market, and a vitamin store.

The Whole Foods in Logan Circle arrived in December 2000, just two blocks west of the circle in Ward 2.  The grocery store is bordered by U Street to the north and Dupont Circle to the west.  

The Logan Circle area was already changing when Whole Foods arrived, but it seems like the grocery store helped to speed up the gentrification process.  Whole Foods in Logan Circle replaced an abandoned service garage.  Soon thereafter, Metro Mart closed.  For the past 150 years, Metro Mart had been the main grocery store in the area.  

When Whole Foods replaced the low-end grocery store, it signaled a change in Logan Circle and helped to attract other businesses looking for wealthy clientele.  After the success of the initial stores, more high-end stores moved to the area.  Condo developers also seized the opportunity.  Logan Circle is now a vibrant neighborhood with a variety of retail, restaurants, theater, nightlife, and homes.

The Whole Foods in Logan circle is a modern structure with huge walls of glass windows and bright lights at night.  The store provides parking for bicycles out front and 150 cars in the garage.  But the parking garage is often filled to capacity.

The Whole Foods in Logan Circle is of course a grocery store, but they also offer catering, concierge services, and classes.  In December, the store hosted three events -- one to support Martha’s Table, one to let shoppers sample holiday foods, and another one with the cupcake and pie winners from the DC State Fair.

Many people love the prepared foods section of the Whole Foods in Logan Circle.  It’s a lower cost alternative to dining at nearby pricey restaurants.  Plus, you can be assured that all of the ingredients are natural or organic, and many may even be local.  Perhaps you should try out your next meal at Whole Foods in Logan Circle.

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