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The Anacostia River has been known as a polluted and unappealing eight-mile waterway. But lately, the river’s image is changing with new structures nearby like the Washington Nationals baseball stadium, offices, and luxury condos.

In the days of Captain John Smith, the Anacostia river included 2,500 acres of tidal wetlands, compared to only 120 acres today.  People often find garbage in the river, which contributes to the negative image. Plus, DC Water and Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) continue to spill raw sewage in the river, especially during heavy rain. But now, there are remediation measures in place to stop the leaks and clean the water. 

It’s still not safe to fish or swim in the river, but Anacostia Trails Heritage Area…

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D.C. waterfront condos have long been attracting homebuyers who want the convenience of city life combined with the serenity and amenities of waterfront living. D.C. waterfront condos are found in several areas of the District, but are especially prevalent in Southwest.

Often with an outstanding view, D.C. waterfront condos are close to restaurants and bars but often go for less than condos closer to the heart of the city. Many D.C. waterfront condos put homeowners in walking distance of Nationals Park and Navy Yard. Homebuyers can find D.C. waterfront condos in both older, established homes or in brand new development.

The numerous condo listings include a $269,000, 1BR condo on 4th Street, a $240,000, 1BR condo on M Street and a $304,000, 1BR condo…

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