How To Sell My Chevy Chase Home For More

Posted by Nate Ward on Monday, June 4th, 2018 at 12:36pm.

How To Sell My Chevy Chase Home For More

There’s no denying that Chevy Chase is a gorgeous and distinguished neighborhood, but even so, just putting your Chevy Chase house on the market won’t automatically get you the price you’re looking for. Here are some simple things to do or keep in mind in order to maximize the money you make for the sale of your Chevy Chase home.

Chevy Chase Realtors

It seems like a no-brainer, but perhaps the most important thing to do if you want to sell your Chevy Chase home for more, is to find the right realtor. This means the right realtor for you and for your property. It’s essential that you find a local agent who knows the Chevy Chase neighborhood. Real estate agents love to show off their sales history, so once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, make sure to ask the agents that interest you how many sales they’ve had in Chevy Chase in the last year (out of how many listings), average days on market, what their marketing plan would look like (including all listing services offered), and to explain their commission breakdown. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be working with your realtor for at least a month before closing, so make sure that when you meet and correspond with them you get good answers and a good feeling.

Chevy Chase Listing Prices

You’ll want to make sure the price is right. Market trends in the District are constantly in flux, so you’ll want to use the best, most recent comparable listings and sales available. A good rule of thumb is that if a house sold more than two months ago, it’s old news. Pricing is your decision, but obviously your realtor is going to be a great resource on this topic and will be knowledgeable about how to price your home depending on how quickly you need it to sell.

Chevy Chase Features & Amenities

If you own a house in Chevy Chase, chances are good that you know what makes the neighborhood great. This includes anything from nearby public transit to schools to recreation to shopping and good eats, and everything in between. If you’re a creature of extreme habit or don’t think you can do the area justice, ask your neighbors! However you do it, make sure your buyers want to come to Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase Buyers

One thing that will help you paint a picture of the neighborhood as well as your house, is to know who your buyers are. Again, your realtor, if they’ve sold homes in Chevy Chase recently, they will have a good idea what sorts of people are buying what sorts of homes in the neighborhood. This will guide you toward what aspects of your house and neighborhood should feature prominently in your listing.

Chevy Chase Listing Photos

How you present your listing to the world will determine so many things--not least of all, how long it stays on the market. Great pictures are very important. They’re going to be the first thing a buyer notices, so hire a professional or take a friend with good equipment out to dinner. Your house can make you a lot of money, so just like your realtor’s commission, good photos are a worthwhile investment.

In addition to good equipment and technique, staging is key. You can find tips everywhere you look to help to maximize your space and help the buyer see themselves living there. Like an actor’s headshot, these shots should represent your house on its best day. On a nice day, take more than enough photos of the interior, exterior, and neighborhood. As you pare them down, choose those that work in concert with one another, helping to tell the story of your house--or rather, the buyers’ new house.

Chevy Chase Listing Content

Ever heard of an elevator pitch? You’re going to want one for your house. If you want to sell your Chevy Chase home for more, start your listing off with a bang. Figure out how to describe the positive aspects of your home as completely as possible and in as few words as possible. The buyer was intrigued by the photos and now they want to know more. Tell them a delicious story that keeps them reading.

If this feels like a lot, remember that a good realtor is well-practiced in these tasks and decisions and you’ll be paying them to make the process easier for you. Finally, keep reminding yourself of why you’re selling the house and all the positive changes that will result from the sale. If you can do that, selling your Chevy Chase home will be a joy!

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