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Posted by Ben Puchalski on Saturday, July 7th, 2018 at 7:34am.

georgetown condos for sale

Washington DC’s Georgetown neighborhood is known primarily for its impeccably preserved connection to the past. You cannot walk down its streets, let alone the C & O Canal, without acknowledging the rich history. It should come as no surprise then that residential space is limited. The neighborhood is comprised primarily of historic homes and vertical construction. If you desire--as so many do--to wake up every day in the District’s oldest and arguably most beautiful neighborhood, you’ll want to have a good look at Georgetown’s condos.

The Georgetown waterfront was dedicated for many years to industry and shipping, and the associated facilities, once obsolete, became prime spots for multi-family dwellings. Some were new builds on the sites of former industrial buildings, as the name of the very modern Flour Mill Condos would suggest and others are beautiful conversions of warehouses and mills that retain their own brand of history.

Georgetown condos come in a variety of styles including new builds such as 1055 High, 2715 Pennsylvania, and Residences at Harbourside; classic 20th century Georgians and Victorians like 3014 Dent Place and The Dumbarton; industrial hangovers such as Georgetown Park and Canal House; courtyard townhouses as seen at Paper Mill Court; and other conversions such as Phillips School, Wormley School, and Sheridan Garage.

Georgetown is home to some of the most expensive condos in the District, but rest assured that cost and quality go hand in hand here. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for the great convenience and bounty of offerings found in Georgetown and in turn, investors, developers, and other sellers are motivated to deliver pristine accommodations. Check out this gorgeous condo at The Georgetown Madelon and then have a look at the location. If you’ve had any reservations about multi-family dwellings, remember that they hold the distinct advantage of urban convenience. Hot shopping and great eats are merely steps away.

In addition to history, people also associate Georgetown with class and luxury. Like any neighborhood, Georgetown has had periods of decline, but since becoming a historic district in 1950 (only the sixth historic district designation in the country), it has only become more and more prosperous. Georgetown condos blend very well into the neighborhood’s historic and affluent backdrop and condo dwellers should feel just as much a part of the community as those in stately mansions and iconic rowhomes.

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