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5 Things I Learned From Reading the September 2012 Consumer Reports(CR)

1. The top 3 homeowners insurance companies ranked in order are Amica, USAA, and Auto-Owners Insurance. 

2. To reduce your homeowners insurance install smoke detectors, burgalar alarms and dead bolts.  Make sure you let your insurance company know if you have these items so you can get a reduced premium.

3. Renovating a bathroom?  They recommend you spend three weeks to a few months in the planning phase.  The lead cause of spending too much is poor planning. 

4. The number one rating for bathroom countertops went to laminate.  If you went by what people prefer...I am sure it would be granite. 

5. If you have an older toilet you should consider replacing it.  The savings in your water bill can add up quickly if an old toilet is replaced with a modern one. 

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