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Nate is an outstanding realtor, and my wife and I never would have found our first home in D.C. without him! We knew we could trust Nate the moment we met him, and his extensive experience, expertise, and willingness to go the extra mile helped us buy an amazing condo in D.C. As first-time home buyers, we didn't know what to expect from a realtor or the buying process, but Nate went above and beyond to make us comfortable and truly exceeded all of our expectations. He made each stage of the process less intimidating; he was very patient and never pushy; he consistently listened to our needs and preferences; and he helped craft and implement a winning strategy for us. Nate is also very friendly and easy to talk to, and made the few hours each week that we spent house hunting together a lot of fun!

Expertise About All Things Real Estate: Nate has tremendous experience and expertise in all aspects of the real estate process, including market research, buying/selling strategies, negotiation tactics, mortgage loans, legal/contractual responsibilities, home improvement/repairs, etc. We always had peace of mind knowing Nate had our back if we missed something or didn't understand part of the buying process.

Knowledge of DC Area Neighborhoods/Market Trends: Nate is the most knowledgeable person about the D.C. area that we've ever met (and we've lived in D.C. for over a decade). He knows unique characteristics about every D.C. neighborhood (his website lists countless details for each locality) and has his finger on the pulse of all market trends, incoming developments, etc. He listened to what we liked and didn't like and helped us pursue the neighborhoods that perfectly matched our needs and lifestyle preferences. He had fun restaurant recommendations for each neighborhood too!

Professionalism: Nate was extremely professional, personable, and approachable throughout our home-buying experience. He was always reliable, ethical, and poised, and we knew we could count on him with any questions or concerns we had.

Communication: Nate is a fantastic communicator and was consistently responsive and thorough whenever we had questions or requests. He is a great listener and always put our priorities first as clients. Nate continued to keep in touch and provide support even after we purchased our home.

Relationships: Nate is extremely well-respected and connected throughout the DC area real estate community, which is incredibly valuable. Nate's strong reputation, combined with his unique skill set, gave us a huge advantage over other prospective buyers. Nate's connections with other realtors/developers facilitated numerous private showings and ultimately the opportunity (and edge) to buy our home in an extremely competitive market. We literally would not have been able to buy the property without Nate and his positive reputation. Nate also has an extensive amount of recommendations for home-ownership resources and contractors of all types, and for the rare occasions where he didn't have an answer for something, he always knew someone who did.

High-Quality Team: Nate leads a team of highly-qualified professionals (including Lakesha Gunn) that provided extra support to us every step of the way. The Capital Park Team was a great choice!

- Mitch W.
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