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I've got a GLOWING review for this guy & I'm not much for glowing! My husband & I were searching for a home to buy in DC last yr & we met Nate at an open house. We are somewhat seasoned home hunters & I usually run from agents at open houses because I feel like most are breathing down your neck & stalking you for your business, even when you tell them you're already working with an agent. Well, we both instantly liked what this guy had to offer, after talking to him for 20 min or so it was clear that he had extensive knowledge of the Cap Hill area were we met him, as well as the rest of the DC area, not so with the other DC agent we'd worked with. So Nate helped my husband & I search near & far all over the district (I really do mean all over!) for our home. He brought great insight to the table as far as the very different neighborhoods that make up the district & really just had such a likable personality that I didn't mind spending day after day house hunting along side him. We've worked with a bunch of different agents in many different cities and by far Nate was the best on many levels. Did I mention that I had my 1 yr old daughter with me the entire time! She absolutely LOVED him & I think the feeling was mutual because he didn't mind her tagging along at all, even when she missed her nap & turned into monster baby! He had no problem carrying her or feeding her some snacks either! I think he even blew her nose a few times!!  Now that is service! lol. In general I'd recommend him to anyone looking to buy in DC, whether you're looking for a small condo or a huge house, he knows it all. He showed us a wide gamut of properties to satisfy my curiosity & let me get a feel for the different areas & options available in our $ range across the city before we finally decided on "the one". He often had some little thing to point out when we were looking at property, that after seeing a bunch of properties back to back & feeling tired & cross eyed,  we'd not noticed or never would have thought of (which I found very helpful). He was a great "tour guide" & I learned quite a few short cuts in & out of different neighborhoods that, being somewhat new to the area at the time, I gained all new perspective for the ins & outs of the city, so that was an added bonus! We found it really helpful & comforting to that find out that he spends a lot of time on the web & blogs on different DC neighborhoods- so he's always got a tidbit to share & the most recent news on growing neighborhoods across the district. Regardless of what or where you're looking, I can honestly say, Nate knows DC property! Even though we knew he was busy, he always made time for a last minute or late night showing & had a way of making us feel like we were his only clients. He's the kind of agent who is not in your face pushy but is going to make sure that you find what you want even if it means showing you a hundred properties, we were very particular & he wasn't going to give up until we found something that were not just comfortable in, but something that we were really happy with! He really made it a point to wrap his head around what we needed & wanted to find the best home for us. Overall, we meshed well, which really counts & he's got the most up to date real estate knowledge of any agent we've worked with. We'd definitely recommend him & will no doubt be listing with him when we're ready to sell! - Stacy K
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