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Up and Coming to Georgia Ave - Petworth

The Warrenton Group currently has 9 projects on going in the city and surrounding areas.The first signs of the Warrenton Group's project in Petworth have potentially sprung up at 3619 Georgia Ave with the above posted zoning variance.   The website describes a 6 story building including 83 units with modern amenities for mixed income residents coming to the neighborhood. The project is depicted as having more than 81,000 square feet of residential space and 2,300 square feet of retail space to offer.  

It is a part of the District's Communities Initiative.The NCI is a District government program designed to revitalize severely distressed subsidized housing and redevelop neighborhoods into vibrant mixed-income communities.

The government plan is calling for: "vibrant mixed-income neighborhoods that address both the physical architecture and human capital needs, where residents have quality affordable housing options, economic opportunities and access to appropriate human services. Four guiding principles lay the framework for New Communities."

  • One for One Replacement of existing affordable housing units to ensure that there is no net loss of the existing deeply subsidized units in the neighborhood.
  • The Opportunity for Residents to Return/Stay in the Community to ensure that current residents will have a priority for new replacement units in effort to remain in their neighborhood.
  • Mixed-Income Housing to end the concentration of low-income housing and poverty.
  • Build First, which calls for the development of new housing to begin prior to the demolition of existing distressed housing to minimize displacement.

Keep following for updates and other projects.


Jackie Schmidt,
DC Real Estate Agent

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