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Buying a row home with a rental unit is a great way to save on your monthly mortgage. In the current DC real estate market, home prices are soaring and even those buyers with a solid income can often use help in defraying costs. Capitol Hill is one DC neighborhood that offers a great deal of row homes with a rental unit. As one of the most popular neighborhoods in the District, sale prices often reflect this and having a rental unit can be a huge help to making it affordable to live in the area. Capitol Hill is well-regarded for its proximity to the the U.S. Capitol building, the National Mall, and Union Station. There are also five Metro stops (four on the orange/blue line, one on the red line) that service the neighborhood. In addition to the Mall, there…
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Shaw is one of DC’s hottest neighborhoods right now. This Northwest DC sector offers a great location, including two Metro stops on the yellow & green lines. Several restaurants have sprung up in the area, and it is in close proximity to Penn Quarter, Logan Circle, the National Mall, U.S. Capitol building, Union Station, and Howard University. In addition to the already existing houses in the neighborhood, brand news condos in Shaw have become a very popular choice. Yale Steam Laundry (right) is just one of the newest condominium options. Check out the map to see what the market has to offer right now in terms of brand new condos in Shaw!



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The National Mall in Washington, DC has 20 million visitors each year. It is the site of kickball, Frisbee, picnics, festivals, protests, and even historic speeches like the one given by Martin Luther King, Jr.

When Pierre L’Enfant designed the layout of Washington, DC in 1791, he envisioned the National Mall as a large, open space extending to the Capitol. During the 19th century, the Mall was covered with vegetation and grazing sheep. Then in the 20th century, the McMillan Plan decided to make the Mall a more ordered landscape to “celebrate the fact that this was the capital of this young nation and that it was grand in scale and orderly,” according to Roger Lewis, an architect who writes for The Washington Post and is professor emeritus at the…

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DC parks are the 6th best in the nation, according to the ParkScore Index. The index was created by the Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit organization working to create and improve neighborhood parks. The city that took the top spot was Minneapolis, but the second best, New York City, only beat DC by 2 points. Boston, Sacramento, and San Francisco tied for third place at just one point higher than Washington, DC.

The ParkScore Index is based on three factors:  park access, park size, and service and investment. This year, the survey looked at the 50 largest US cities to determine the final rankings.

ParkScore Index found that the median DC park size is 0.67 acres and that parkland makes up 19.7% of the city. That park size garnered the city…

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