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Hot Washington DC Real Estate Post. Properties Worth Buying

1721 Bay St SE, Washington, DC 20003

List Price: $450,000

This row home came on the market on Wednesday.  The re-sale for this outer Captiol Hill home is about $630,000.  It would help to get the price down to $425K.  Capitol Hill real estate remains a solid investment. 


5418 13TH ST NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20011

List Price: $399,999

A home just like this one in 16th Street Heights sold for $555,000.  I think the seller has flexibility on the price.  Offer $375,000 and this deal make sense!  This home is in northern 16th Street Heights which sits between Crestwood and Petworth with Shepherd Park to the north.  The upcoming Walmart development is just a short distance away.



List Price: $500,000

The Bloomingdale real estate market is on fire!  This home will sell for about $640K fixed up.  The current list price of $500K is too high for an investor.  The price needs to come down a lot for this deal to make sense.  Bloomingdale is one of the hotter markets in the district right now. 



List Price: $400,000

This Petworth/Columbia Heights home needs a full renovation.  The list price is too high right now with the re-sale value being about $575,000.  Make a lower cash offer and this deal will work.  The home is just a few blocks east of the Petworth metro station on Georgia Ave in Northwest Washington DC. 


136 16TH ST NE, WASHINGTON, DC 20002

List Price: $400,000

This is another overpriced listing on Capitol Hill.  The home will not work for a homeowner unless they are doing a renovation loan.  The basement has mold and is actually separate from the rest of the house with an entrance in the area(illegal for renting purposes).  The basement is too small to be a separate unit.   This house could get $499,000 fixed up. 


1424 34TH ST SE, WASHINGTON, DC 20020

List Price: $215,000

This single family is in the Hillcrest area of Southeast DC.  Get the price down a bit and this makes a good investment.  The re-sale is about $330,000 on the back end. 

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